Praise for Paychecks for Life

"For 30 years, Charlie Epstein has been one of the most respected and innovative thinkers in the retirement industry. In Paychecks for Life, he attacks the problem of lifetime income with the creative mindset that is his hallmark." - Mike Alfred, CEO, Brightscope

"Paychecks for Life is the best financial planning guide I've ever seen in my years as a pension consultant and financial planner. Without backing away from the real complexities of the financial world, Charlie provides a fun and easy-to-understand blueprint for success. This book should be required reading in every high school in America. - Pete Swisher, CFP®, CPC, Author of 401(k) Fiduciary Goverance: An Advisor's Guide

"Charlie is one of the brightest and most creative people in this business. Paychecks for Life contains valuable ideas that will help anyone on his or her journey to a successful "desirement." - Ted Benna, "The Father of the 401(k)", CEO, Malvern Benefits Corp.

"Once upon a time, our parents were promised a "paycheck for life" in return for giving their working years to one company. Those days are gone. Charlie Epstein revives the hope of a Paycheck for Life for every America worker with his practical, street-smart guidance based on real-life experiences. If his nine principles for retirement saving were taught in our schools, they'd jumpstart our society's financial literacy." - John Scott,

"Charlie Epstein has a simple idea: Make sure everyone in America is absolutely clear on how to get a paycheck for the rest of their lives. He knows exactly how a person can achieve this security, no matter what happens in the world or in the markets. America will be a much more confident and prosperous country if 100 million people read this book and put the Paychecks for Life strategy into practice." - Dan Sullivan, Founder, Strategic Coach®

"Paychecks for Life takes the advisor jargon out of retirement planning. A great resource for people who want to retire successfully but get lost in the language of financial planning." - Edward Dressel, President, Trust Builders, Inc.

"Planning for retirement can be a daunting process. In Paychecks for Life, Charlie Epstein has cracked the code and developed a simple yet effective approach that every American worker can use. Follow his nine principles and you'll achieve a successful retirement savings process that will serve you for a lifetime." - Donald B. Trone, Chief Ethos Officer, 3ethos

"Paychecks for Life is classic Charlie Epstein: A delightful blend of real-life examples and insightful humor." - Craig L. Israelsen, Ph. D., Author of 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan

"In Paychecks for Life, Charlie Epstein shares valuable ideas that can help turn your dreams into reality/ He cuts through the fog so you can enjoy your ride to retirement savings with confidence. A tool worth referring to again and again." - Gerald J. Wernette, CPA, CEBS, AIFA, Principal/Director, Rehmann Retirement Builders, Rehmann Financial

"For better or worse, America has shifted primary responsibility for ensuring adequate retirement income to the individual worker. As a result, there's an urgent need for investment education-and Paychecks for Life answers the call. Translating technical knowledge into terms that anyone can understand, the book succinctly explains everything from automating your 401(k) to the intricacies of plan fees and expenses. Truly a welcome addition to the literature on 401(k)s." - Marcia S. Wagner, Esq, Managing Director, The Wagner Law Group

"I've read dozens of books on financial retirement planning. While most other books provide good technical knowledge, Paychecks for Life is the first book I've encountered that provides a clear, concise and systematic approach to reaching a successful retirement. Charlie Epstein does a wonderful job of making retirement planning less daunting." - Jud Doherty, CFA, President, Stadion Money Management

"Retirement calculations and actuarial concepts can be very complex and beyond the ability of many non-financial individuals to grasp. Paychecks for Life makes retirement saving simple to understand and provides a clear roadmap that can be followed to successful completion. If everyone in America followed these steps, the country would be in much better financial shape." - Gregory W. Katsen, MD, MBA, CFP®, CPC, AIFA®, CEO, Unified Trust Company

"Paychecks for Life should be required reading for every American worker. Charlie Epstein takes complicated investment and savings concepts and breaks them down into nine easy-to-understand principles. The book is not only entertaining but full of strategies that anyone can implement immediately to improve their financial future." - Dan Kravitz, President, Kravitz Inc.

"Finally, a book that spells out in plain English how to save for retirement (or should I say "desirement"). Charlie Epstein nails it by sharing actionable, realistic steps that anyone can use to achieve a dignified exit from the rat race. I can't wait to share Paychecks for Life with my family, friends, and clients." - James F. Sampson, AIF®, Managing Principal, Cornerstone Retirement Advisors, LLC