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Let's Make Some RUCKUS!

Earlier this month, as I stood waiting for my start  in  the  Boston  Ruckus  Obstacle  Race,  I began to wonder what in the heck I was doing here! Don’t get me wrong, I’m in good shape. I have healthy eating habits; I’m an avid cyclist and exercise regularly – but a 4 mile obstacle course? That was unfamiliar territory. Those of you who are not familiar with Ruckus, you are not alone! I was unaware of this race series myself and the many others like it, which I now know  is  all  the  rage  across  the  country. A couple of months prior,  Marie Forest, Director of Event Planning for The 401k Coach, came to me with this crazy, yet fantastic idea for a team building activity…

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Paychecks for Life author Charlie Epstein to present proceeds of book sales to Square One

Charlie Epstein has been in financial services for his entire career – 32 years.  Known as “The 401k Coach,” Epstein has trained thousands of financial advisors and individual investors across the country on his Paychecks for Life system, which emphasizes nine detailed principles that enable people to comfortably save enough money to create a steady stream of secure monthly retirement income. His insights and straight-talking approach have earned him personal admiration and professional accolades across the country.

In addition to a career built on big ideas, Charlie also has a record of generosity built on a big heart. For many years, he has been a donor and friend to Square One. So when it came time to decide which local nonprofit organization would be the beneficiary of proceeds from the sales from his new book, Paychecks for Life, Charles Epstein didn’t need to think twice. He knew it would be Square One.

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Supercharge Your Retirement!

mass appeal
mass appeal

Charlie returns to local News Station, WWLP, to talk about his book, Paychecks for Life, and how it can improve your financial future.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) - Retirement can be the best chapter of your life, but only if you take the steps to prepare. Charlie Epstein, author of ' Paychecks for Life,' told us four steps to supercharge your retirement.

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